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Dr. Zach Thompson's Story


While training in the offseason my freshman year in college I experienced the most life changing moment I've had thus far. As I was back one rep maxing a back squat, I couldn't stand up with the weight. So instead of letting spotters help me I dumped the bar and in such 'threw out' my back. The pain was immediate and I couldn't get off the floor for 20 minutes. Following the initial pain, I couldn't tie my shoes, sit comfortably in class, and I couldn't fall asleep without taking 8 Advil and 2 sleeping pills. This lasted 5 months. 

Over the course of those 5 months I sought care from 2 different athletic trainers and a PT. After no results and being back home for the summer I went to an orthopedic surgeon for imaging. MRI's indicated no reason for surgery, which led to the surgeon giving me two options. A bottle of Vicodin or the chiropractor down the hall. I chose the later, and can only thank God for that decision and what unfolded. In less than two weeks not only was I out of pain but I was back in the gym training like the 19 year old version of me should've been. Hope was dealt. 

After finishing care with the chiropractor I was instantly amazed and wanting to learn more. I also left thinking, how the heck did it take 5 months and 4 failed attempts to get me back to health? And that's when I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor. To be able to deal hope all the while simply releasing the life force which gives us all the ability to adapt and overcome. I became obsessed with innate intelligence, and the way in which the body is intricately woven and designed. Now I have the amazing opportunity to serve, educate and empower the Within Chiropractic community and I couldn't feel more blessed!

The Core of Within Chiropractic

Within's Mission

At Within Chiropractic our mission is to help each patient develop a foundation for natural health and healing through advanced, personally tailored, and intentional chiropractic care, with excellence. 

Our mission serves as a benchmark for how we operate and a reminder that what we do naturally and radically improves the physical and mental wellness of every patient empowering a healthy lifestyle. 

Within's Vision

Within Chiropractic is a vitalistic, family-wellness chiropractic office! The practice is results focused, holding the intention of empowering the human nervous system. A nervous system free of interference is capable of not only healing the likes of low back pain and headaches but enabling the human body to adapt and overcome the many stressors our lives encounter. 

Trusting the process is one of our core values. With that said, the process a client can expect from Within Chiropractic is the process best tailored for their needs and goals. Utilizing an in-depth exam process, clients are able to be heard and seen for what is truly bringing them into the office. From there, a healing plan is put together and presented to the client. 

Being a results driven practice means there is consistent check ins between doctor and client! Whether its a goal of eliminating insomnia or being able to deadlift 600 lbs, Dr. Zach and team are eager to facilitate YOUR wanted results. Results which come from an authentic and community based practice!

Within's Values

Radical Self Empowerment, Community Based HEaling, Connection Over Correction, Function Ov
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